san francisco giants – world series champions 2014

all postseason the giants we’re about “getting it done”. it wasn’t always pretty, except for when madison bumgarner took  the mound, that is. an absurd amount of runs scored without hits and the home runs were scarce. san francisco defeated pirates, nationals, cardinals and in the end, the royals the same way. doing what needed to be done.

bruce bochy said “believe me, i love homers. i wish we would mix in a few but it’s all about executing, which we did today” after game 3 in nlcs. and they have been executing all postseason long.

this is why i didn’t get why the good people of the city by the bay didn’t like or want the lorde song ‘royals’ to be played while the world series were being played. the radio stations in san francisco did what their listeners wanted, and banned the song. but here is the thing.  it’s really more of an anthem for giants than for the royals. imo. the giants are playing great baseball, but not necessarily pretty baseball. they’re in the dirt and talking more about “rti’s” (runs thrown in) than “rbi’s”. they’re definitely not royals, they’ll never be royals – and they don’t want to be.

they wan’t to be giants. and they are.

congratulations to the san francisco giants for their third world series in five years.

san francisco giants - world series champions 2014 poster