mlb on fox – tv graphics

my enthusiasm for baseball has been on a slow and steady rise for about ten years. but when i saw my first game, live, my enthusiasm got a real jolt. on a beautiful, warm september night i saw the new york yankees visiting boston red sox at fenway park in boston. i have since enjoyed a couple of games at petco park in san diego (padres home opener against los angeles dodgers) and nationals stadium in washington d.c. (marlins @ nats.) and i really enjoy america’s pastime.

i follow mlb online and try to catch as many games as possible, but i’m not really impressed by the graphics on the broadcasts. the history of the game and the classic and distinct visual expression this sport have to look back at, i don’t really think the way the networks are taking it does the sport justice. if you have a look at the new and beautifully designed “at the ballpark” app from mlb, you see that i’m not the only way that feels this way.

this is my attempt to get back to the roots and to give baseball the look it deserves when it’s showed in primetime. no point in using the leftovers from the nfl broadcasts.

update: for the 2014 season fox has indeed updated it graphics package for major league baseball. it’s much more ‘modern’ than my take on it, but i have to say that it looks good. specially the graphics for the in game score and the player info.

mlb on fox - tv graphics