klatremus cover

klatremus is the main character from one of norway’s most beloved stories for children, “dyrene i hakkebakkeskogen”. in dyreparken (kristiansand zoo) they have built the actual forest of hakkebakkeskogen¬†where you can watch the story being told and sung by awesome and talented actors.

in 2017, dyreparken’s newest attraction is a film studio to show how the animation movie about hakkebakkeskogen was made. the movie premiered christmas 2016 and was seen by over 400 000 in theaters.

i did the photo for dyreparkens annual magazine where the actual klatremus is posing with the animation version on his shoulder. klatremus is being played by the wickedly funny, energetic and talented carina furseth.

we also did a short movie preview with klatremus himself, telling us all about the big new attraction.