kaptein sabeltann 2014

for the second year in a row, i have had the complete graphic design, art direction and layout for all¬†advertising and material for the live show with kaptein sabeltann (captain sabertooth) in dyreparken. this is norways most popular and most selling play for families and have sold close to 1,4 million tickets in it’s 25 year history.

in addition to the art direction and design, most of the photos are taken by yours truly. 2014 were the 25th anniversary for norway’s most popular pirate, so i also did a logo to celebrate this special and historic year. this was used to replace the regular logo on all material for the entire season.

in this post you’ll see pages from the program that are sold at the show, in addition to the poster and the anniversary logo. if this intrigues you, please take a look at the video promo i did for the show here…

this was made for dyreparken in close collaboration with therese falk and the creator of kaptein sabeltann, terje formoe.


kaptein sabeltann 2014