questions? lets talk…


you: where am i?
 ah, yes. a good question. you have reached the portfolio of ole martin buene. i hope you had a nice trip and please, stay for a cup of coffee.

you: what do you do and are you any good at it?
me: i make nice things that aren’t just nice, but also communicate for people and companies that need nice things that aren’t just nice, but also communicate. and for the second part of your question: yes!

you: can you do that for me?
me: sure!

you: right now?
me: take a look to your right.

you: why is this site in english?
me: because one day i will conquer the world (insert evil laugh here), and i’m not going to bother making you all speak norwegian in the process. besides, i like english. makes me feel international of some sort.

you: will there be anything else?
me: i don’t know. will there?

you + me?


i am currently not taking on new projects (unless you have the coolest job ever and you think that me and my genius is the only solution – then i feel i have to hear more about it). if you do have any questions or comments (or the coolest job ever), please drop me a line via this form. that would make me happy. unless you have something bad to tell me or if you are stupid, then it almost certainly will not.